Mobile Phone Policy

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Introductory Statement


This policy was drawn up in response to technological advances which have seen a significant increase in hand held electronic 'gadgets' amongst the school population over recent years.




·       I Pods, mobile phones, Game Boys, PSP's,MP3's etc. are intrusive and distracting in a school environment

·       Strategies must be put in place to reduce the intrusiveness of unauthorized technology in a school situation

·       Some electronic devices may be harmful due to
frequent use

·       Mobile phones may be used to conduct bullying


Relationship to School Ethos


The use of mobile phones and other electronic games contravenes the provision of a safe and secure school environment conclusive to learning, a provision which is central to the mission statement and ethos of Tallanstown N.S.




·       To eliminate unnecessary  technology intrusion on the  school environment

·       To lessen intrusions on and distractions to children's




Possession of and/or use of mobile phones on school premises is strictly forbidden. Phones will be confiscated for three days on first offence and for longer on any subsequent offences. This is to protect all students from the negative effects of their use. In the event of an emergency all pupils are permitted to use the office phone either to make or receive calls.  This policy is for the protection of the pupils and to eliminate distraction and competition amongst pupils.