Parents as Partners Policy

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Parents as Partners Policy


Scoil Bhaile an Tallánaigh is committed to ensuring that every child receives a quality education. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the life of the school. It is crucial to the success of our pupils that the school fosters parental interest and support. Communication between school and home should be open and positive. Scoil Bhaile an Tallánaigh acknowledges that the parents are the primary educators of their children and we endeavor to create an open and welcoming atmosphere in our school at all times. This policy outlines strategies adopted by the school to promote positive home-school relations.


Relationship to the Mission Statement and Ethos

 Scoil Bhaile an Tallánaigh aims to promote the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the pupil: intellectual, physical, cultural, moral, emotional and spiritual, including a living relationship with God and other people. We endeavour to equip each child with the skills and positive self-esteem to empower them to contribute to their community and become lifelong learners. We believe that a positive working relationship with parents/guardians is fundamental to the achievement of this aim.


Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-Teacher meetings

Parents are welcome in our school and are encouraged to keep in regular contact with class teachers and learning support/resource teachers. We realise that early communication often prevents a later difficulty arising and is in the best interests of our pupils. Parents are encouraged to write a note in the Homework Journal or contact the school office to arrange an appointment with class teachers. Parent-teacher meetings are held annually in accordance with Circular 14/04. Parents/Guardians have an opportunity to have an individual meeting with their child’s class teacher and discuss their child’s progress both academically and socially. Parent/guardians will be given advance notice of this date(s) at the beginning of the school year. A letter confirming times will be sent to parents/guardians closer to the time of the meetings. Arrangements will be made in the school to ensure that meetings for siblings will be synchronised to accommodate parents/guardians as much as possible. The Principal and Learning Support/Resource teachers will also be available during Parent-teacher meetings. Our Learning Support and Special Needs Policy also allows for systematic parent-teacher meetings once a term for pupils availing of supplementary teaching. To meet the needs of parents who are unable to attend on the specific date(s) of the Parent-teacher meetings teachers will arrange to meet them before or after school during the week leading to the assigned date(s) for Parent-teacher meetings.


Homework Journals

The Homework Journal provides an effective means of daily ommunication between parent and teacher.


Initial School Year Communication.

The school issues welcome newsletter to all parents/guardians at the beginning of the school year outlining important information for the  coming term. 


Induction Meeting for New Parents

An Induction Meeting is held in June each year for the parents/guardians of the Junior Infant class for the coming school year. Parents are invited to this meeting by letter. This meeting is attended by the Principal,  Representatives of the Parents’ Association and the Junior Infant teacher. Parents receive the Induction Booklet for New Parents at this meeting


Report Cards

Parents/Guardians receive an Standardised Report Card in June every year. This Report Card outlines each pupil’s progress for the year including their performance on Standardised Tests (1st-6th) as outlined in our Assessment Policy. An explanatory letter is also included with the Report Card to explain test scores.



The school issues monthly newsletters detailing upcoming events, information useful to aid their child and other pertinent information



The school has established a database of mobile phone numbers for parents on the website. This facilitates the sending of text messages to all parents or specific groups of parents.



The school website is currently in the initial stage of construction. When functioning it will be regularly updated with latest news and notice of school events.Pertinent school policies will also uploaded  on the Policy page.


Notice Board

There are two parent notice boards in the entrance porches displaying  updated information for the school community.


Parental involvement

We believe that meaningful parental involvement of parents/guardians in school life is crucial to the success of our school as a learning community. The following structures have been put in place to facilitate parental involvement in the life of our school.


Parents’ Association

We have an active and supportive Parents’ Association in our school. Our Deputy Principal attends all meetings to ensure effective communication between staff and parents is encouraged.  The Parents’ Association also organise events such as the Easter Raffle and Book Fairs


School  Events

The school hosts many events during the year to encourage the participation of parents/guardians in school life. Examples of these events include the annual Book Fair, Christmas performances and concerts, Maths Week, Sports Day, Active Week, Art exhibitions, School garden, School sports and  outings etc. Parents are also encouraged to participate in the preparation of the children for the Sacraments of Communion and Confirmation.


This policy and its implementation will be reviewed by the Board and the Parents Association  every other year. Written notification that the review has been completed will be made available to school personnel, published on the school website (or where none exists, be otherwise readily accessible to parents and pupils on request) and provided to the Parents’ Association. A record of the review and its outcome will be made available, if requested, to the patron and the Department.