Positive Parent Communication

Guidelines for Positive Parent/Teacher/ School



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Step 1. Any concerns/issues relating to your child need to be addressed to the class teachers. Teachers are all committed to working with parents and will do their best to meet parents at a mutually convenient time. It is hoped that all issues will be resolved at this stage.


Step 2. If, following the meeting with the class teacher, a parent feels that the matter has not been resolved, an appointment should be made with the Principal.


Step 3. If a parent feels that the issue has not been resolved following the first two stages if may be necessary to write a letter to the Board of Management. The letter will be read at the next Board meeting and the Board members will consider the issues raised. The Board members will work towards finding a resolution and will respond directly to the parent.


If the parental concern relates to an issue outside the classroom or a whole school issue. Step 1. may be skipped and the parent should make an appointment to consult with the principal.

If approached, the P.A. Committee and Board of Management members will promote the procedures outlined above for dealing with suggestions and concerns relating to the school.